Kapoor /Camphor Essential Oil 15 ml
Kapoor /Camphor Essential Oil 15 ml
Kapoor /Camphor Essential Oil 15 ml
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Kapoor /Camphor Essential Oil 15 ml

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Camphor Essential Oil
Produced from the wood, roots, and branches of the Camphor tree that is mainly found in India and China, the Camphor Essential Oil is widely used for aromatherapy and skincare purposes. It has a typical camphoraceous aroma and gets absorbed in your skin easily as it is a lightweight oil. However, it is powerful and concentrated enough, which means that you will have to dilute it before using it for massage or other topical uses. No chemicals or additives are used while making this oil.

Camphor essential oil is first extracted using the steam distillation method, and then it is further filter pressed to make it pure and perfect for all skin types. As a result, anyone can use organic camphor oil without any worries or issues. Organic Camphor essential oil contains powerful antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals and environmental factors. It needs to be infused in your skincare products for that.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Pure Essential Camphor Oil will soothe your pain and irritation quickly. It is so powerful that it even reduces muscle and joint inflammation. It can also be used as an ideal cosmetic ingredient in various skincare and cosmetic products. This oil is also used for relieving chest congestion and cold symptoms. Camphor oil is meant for external applications only.

Natural Camphor Essential Oil gets absorbed readily in your skin pores and eliminates harmful toxins like grime, dust, oil, etc. Massaging with pure camphor essential oil on your scalp while taking a bath will prevent hair fall and boost hair growth. You will have to add a few drops of this oil in your regular hair oil or shampoo for that. However, dilute it before application and not use it frequently as it might make your skin dry.

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