Pyramid Vaastu Angle Set of 4 (Wish Angle) AC-769
Pyramid Vaastu Angle Set of 4 (Wish Angle) AC-769
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Pyramid Vaastu Angle Set of 4 (Wish Angle) AC-769

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Pyramid Vaastu Angle Set of 4 (Wish Angle) AC-769


Pyramid Vaastu Angle Set of 4 (Wish Angle) :  According to the Egyptian master, ‘PYRAMID’ is divided in to two parts- ‘PYRA’ and ‘MID’, the former means ‘Fire’ and the latter means ‘Center’. The Pyramid increases electromagnetic energy and bio-cosmic energy along with other forms of energies. Than, these energies and the individual’s self-energy cause inter-related effect, which results into a feeling of consciousness in the individual. The Pyramid corner are the symbols of Peacefulness, Seriousness, Wisdom and Truth. The uses of Pyramid bring on happiness and prosperity. Now for more accurate and power-packed results in vaastu science, this new Pyramid Angle has been created by . It is must in vaastu that all four corners of your room wall should be in right-angle (90 degree to each other), but as usually observed, it is not. This creates disharmony in the room.
New Pyramid Angle- Pyramid Angle, virtual right angle creation and arrow for virtual shifting. A special pyramid instrument to correct and safe-guard the corners of each room.
Unique features added to Pyramid Angle for optimum results; It is powered with copper base plate and a center programmed plate. Also new corner power triangles are added for more benefit.
How to use:- Just fix all 4 Pyramid Angle in a room near the corner (on the ceiling) to safe guard. You can use the brass screws or double-side foam tape to fix it. To add more power you are supposed to do Personal Energy or Reiki before installing.
Energize your personal seating space- You need to protect and energize your personal working space if you are not able to correct the vaastu of surrounding. Fix all 4 Pyramid Angle on the ceiling protecting your space and making it virtually good. For success may room corner with 90o -
If all four walls of the room are perfect right angle with each other the room is 100% perfect according to vaastu. But if not, do not worry, now you can make your rooms 90 degree good by fixing all 4 Pyramid Angle on the ceiling near the corner. So just explore a new dimension to better vaastu solution with this new pyramid tool! 

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